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Marine, Electrical & General Engineers

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Research - Shore Power Transformers


Project Description

The Research LK62 is one of Britains most advanced pelagic trawlers. Delivered in 2018 by Vard Langsten, the Skipsteknisk designed 80m vessel required a shore power connection solution to ensure the optimum upkeep while berthed in harbour. With the maximum shore supply available at 200A, the vessels switchboard is designed to be split and two supplies utilised. Two shore power isolating transformers were specced, supplied and installed. L&M fabricated the skids with forklift pockets and lifting attachements to allow the units to be transported easily. The units have input and output metering as well as multiple voltage tappings which are selectable by pushbutton control to tailor the voltage available at different locations to match the ships requirements. It is intended that one of the units will accompany the vessel to all dry dock facilities.


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