Marine & Industrial Engineering Services - Dedicated Component Suppliers
Marine & Industrial Engineering Services - Dedicated Component Suppliers

Engineering Stores

Engineering Stores

With diverse and extensive range of stock and a commitment to source any product, L&M Engineering (UK) Ltd are dedicated component suppliers to trade and industry.

Longstanding relationships with a wide range of suppliers and freight forwarders enable our stores to ably support the company’s service operations as well as serving as a one stop shop for the marine industries and other trade customers.

Diversity of Products

Cable tray (Galv & S/S), dome top glands, SWA glands, reducers, junction boxes & enclosures, cleats, clips, cable ties, industrial plugs and sockets, mcbs, mccbs, switch disconnectors, distribution boards

H07RN-F, SY,  CY, YY, SWA, BS6883 ships wiring, welding cable, battery cable, autoflex, tri-rated appliance wiring, high temperature cable

Contactors, overloads, soft starts, inverter drives, motor starter circuit breakers, modular switchgear, panel lamps, pre-configured motor starters, timers, logic relays

Marine specific lighting, floodlights, fluorescent and LED deck lighting, emergency lighting, low voltage floodlights and worklights, navigation lights, Industrial floodlighting, non-corrosives, batten fittings

Mapress pipe & fittings stocked in Cunife and S/S, Schd 10 S/S pipe and fittings, S/S threaded fittings, copper pipe, Hep pipe and fittings, threaded brass fittings, ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, solenoid valves, mud boxes

Bronze seawater pumps, submersibles, diesel pumps, semi rotary, pressure sets, Jabsco, Desmi, Forani & Pecorari, Azcue, Rule, Johnson, ITT

Tricoflex hose, suction hose, Seaflow hose, wet exhaust hose, silicone hose, oil hose, air hose, pneumatic tube, P.U. ducting (Fish Hose)

Hose assemblies manufactured in R2T & 4SP hose, BSP, Metric, JIC, ORFS, wide range of inserts, adaptors and tube connectors, hydraulic valves, pumps and motors – over 900 hydraulic components in stock

Copper brazing fittings, flare fittings, gauges, hoses, oils, compressors, liquid line filters, fans

Wide range of engine, hydraulic, gear and specialist oils from Valvoline and Castrol – over 12,000l in stock -Delivery and pumping service available 24/7

Dedicated Component Suppliers

  • Over 7500 products in stock
  • Commitment to source any product
  • Technical support on hand
  • Call out service available

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Our committed stores staff are a key part of L&M’s operation, supporting the engineering team whilst also catering for the wide range of marine and trade customers who rely on their service.

Where We Excel

Our relationship with over 600 active suppliers allows us to source components and spare parts efficiently and economically. If we can’t source it, it can’t be sourced.

With knowledgeable staff in the stores and the engineering team on hand to advise, we cater both to the customer who knows what they need, and the customer who knows what they want to achieve but needs a hand with the “how to”.